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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Smooth criminals 2

Wow, I haven't written about smooth criminals for two years now, so I am greatly pleased to bring you this little tidbit from the badlands of Badalona.

The US has white trash and Jerry Springer, but Spain also has its masterful contenders. Just check out the letter on the left.

Technically, this guy would be brown trash, and instead of living in a trailer and shooting cans of Coors Light in his spare time, he probably lives with his mama in a 20 square meter apartment.

Meet Marcos. We can call him Pablo Escobar "light".

He posted this letter all over town, to boost his hash sales, and this is my super accurate translation (all faults intentional):

Good dope

I sell dope of good qualities to cool dudes and minor do not come.

Wait next to the window behind my house and on the bench for sitting.

don't call attention or I will not sell yoo notin'.

you can whistle or yell for me and I go out of the window / my name is marcos

a little bar [of hachis]cost 20 urros.
is good. [I don't know what the last word is]

from elperiodico.com

UPDATE: The last words are “planos”, which I think is supposed to mean “maps”, and “tituto”, which is short for “instituto”, or “school”, which is where the “chabale rollaos” go.

And yes, this is real. Thanks Montse!