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Friday, March 16, 2007

Random pics around town

"Go Spain" or "Hit Spain"?

From La Rousse's Gran diccionario del Argot
caña - a glass of beer
2. dar caña - to hit, to scold or tell off
4. to put pressure on, to obligate, to force

This is graffiti you can find all over Barcelona, usually in bathroom stalls in the Raval and Gracia. Caña or its Catalan variant canya both mean the same thing, in all their various definitions (at least the ones I've heard). To da caña to something means to push it to its limits (driving a car real fast, putting pressure on an opposing team, for example). What's interesting about this graffiti is that because it's written in Catalan it has clearly negative connotations. It would mean something like like Hit/nail Spain (as bad as that sounds). On the other hand, if it were written in Spanish it would most likely mean something like Go Spain. I prefer the drinkable variety of the word.

Still smokin'

In 2006 the no smoking ordnance was passed. It hasn't been very effective.

Vertigo-inducing stairwell

I love these rickety little stairwells. Who need gyms when you have to climb these? And it would be the perfect location for a noir film shoot out. I should look into this.

Pornographic coffee device

Nationalist bread. Very good, actually.

A really long and depressing wait in the metro

If they don't give us bike lanes we'll make our own

No service if football is on. Una canya si us plau!