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Sunday, December 10, 2006

The new utopianists

Every attained end is at the same time the beginning of a new course, and so on ad infinitum.

Arthur Shopenhauer, The World as Will and Representation.

Fidel, 80 more years

I’ve seen this graffited on at least 3 banks in the last 6 months, ever since the ailing demagogue, know-it-all, yet admittedly charismatic leader, was hospitalized. Castro apologists, stuck in their hall of mirrors, their own logic far removed from the original concept, sneezing from the dialectic dustbins of history, don’t get it at all. The new utopianists think they know something about freedom and justice. But if they get off their high horses, they might realize their concepts of negating the negation - which in simpler straight forward language means their negation of an open society’s denial of the possibility of a utopia - is in fact not a positive concept. The halos would fall from their hipster heads if they just thought about it. Just a little bit. Their concept of the positive presupposes the negative - that is, what is bad, or what is not their idea of utopia. Once their dear leader - in this case Castro, maybe in the future Chavez - has seized power, he then becomes the oppressor. The former oppressors become the oppressed, and so on and so on. The new utopianists might feel good about themselves while spray painting their pithy slogans on the façade of the great enemy, but they don’t get it. Not at all. They’re as intolerant as the next. Their idealism is spent uselessly, and in the end it will work against them.