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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Bad dreams

This sounds like the stuff of urban legend, but apparently two men from Leon and Oviedo have concocted a substance that puts you to sleep in order to rob you.

The incident occurred on the Barcelona-Gijon train this past November 23. Various women, who had been traveling in the sleeping cars, reported to the police that they had been “narcotized” and robbed. They woke up dizzy and vomiting, with dry mouths.

The bizarre experience upon waking up, plus the subsequent discovery of missing valuables, led them to the conclusion that they had been the victims of a most insidious robbery.

The police investigation initially focused on two men who had been using the sleeping cars. Some days later, after searching their houses, they discovered almost all of the valuables that had been stolen from the women. They also discovered yellow wrappers containing white powder, as well as two sprays, whose compositions are being analyzed. Investigators suspect the powder and the spray might be the narcotic substance and the delivery device used in the robbery.

This reminds me of what happened to Kovaks in the latest installment of Shame, shame, shame. Maybe he should investigate this before it is used on unsuspecting guiris.