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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Gypmeisters beware. Kovaks is back

I finally met up with Larry Kovaks yesterday. We knocked back some Havana ron, and bullshitted over a couple Reig cigars. He told me after his investigation of Socrates Sanchez's brothel in the Raval he had an existential crisis. It was some pretty heavy stuff apparently.

But that didn't stop him from working. He gave me a head's up on the latest installment, Shame, Shame, Shame Part II (of VI, apparently).

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the dope on what went down a couple weeks ago in the giant hooker roundup.

Kovaks wants it to be known: he may be investigating outside the realm of guiri robberies, but he is back in full form. After the six installments of Shame, Shame, Shame, he'll be back with the latest scandalous method of gypmeisting. He calls it the Fake Baby Con.

Glad to have him back.

On a side note, he mentioned his gratitude for the letters of inquiry, and the true-life stories of woe people sent to him. He also enjoyed the "more salacious" emails. Purportedly these contained some pretty sexy material. Ladies must know that Kovaks has one true love, however. But he didn't really want to talk about it.