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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Cerveceria Escorpio

If you look at the enlarged photo you’ll notice the guy is wearing snakeskin boots.

Here’s an interesting dive. The other day, on my way to Cine Verdi in Gracia, I walked by this place and couldn’t resist the temptation to walk in. Well, I got in, and, as expected, it was the typically sordid macho ibérico purgatory replete with cigarette strewn floors, sticky aluminum bar …. and porno magazines. That’s right, instead of 20 Minutos, or Metro, or even el Periodico, these guys had skin magazines, y nada mas. Understandably, because there was not a woman in sight. And from the looks of it, Cerveceria Escorpio hadn’t played host to one in decades.