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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Crosstown traffic

I hate doing this but it must be acknowledged.

Last week I had an enormous amount of traffic – beyond what I got from the topless sunbathing article, which admittedly attracted hundreds of web surfers just looking for sleazy pics. I’d rather, honestly, have people visit my blog for the content and what I have to say, not some candid shot of a nude sunbather. I’ve never considered sheer volume an indicator of how good a web page is.

So last week both thebadrash and Iberian Notes [sorry, no perma-links to his page] gave me a mention. Both of them were very flattering:

… Guirilandia (which is, let’s face it, the best BCN blog there is)… - thebadrash

[no, I don’t think that’s true, but thanks anyway!]

… you have to check out this incredibly kick-ass blog called Guirilandia. Hilariously funny … - Iberian Notes

I give a very humble nod to each in kind. I’m pretty sure both have been blogging for longer than I have, and both come much closer to what can be called “high seriousness”. I stay away from politics and more “serious” issues because I feel I am not informed enough to really say anything worthwhile. Plus, I feel many people out there can do it better than me.

Both of these guys are great writers. The huge irony is that thebadrash can definitely be pinned as left-wing, while Iberian Notes can be pinned as right-wing (okay, left-wing loony and right-wing nutjob, depending on who you talk to). I often disagree with them, but they present their arguments well.

Funny. In real-life encounters I often argue with left-wingers who think I’m a conservative, and right-wingers who think I’m some kind of commie pinko. I think that’s because I’m natural-born contrarian.