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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Why can’t I be cool?

The BBC may try to interview Bob Marley 25 years after his death, or succeed in interviewing the wrong man on live television, but they actually did something right with BBC Languages.

If you want to be “cool”, you have to check out Cool Spanish. You have to learn the lingo of the hipsters, chicas y chicos in Spain.

Like Woody Allen in Play it Again Sam, I often wake up in the middle of the night thinking, “Why can’t I be cool?” I have found my answer. Cool Spanish from the BBC baby.

Complete with audio samples and helpful contextual information.

For example, to win an argument with someone in Spain, you need not have the force of logic behind you. One technique I’ve learned is to simply speak louder. Totally ignore your opponent. But there is a “cooler” method, a la Tarantino. You say “Como no te calles, te voy a dar una hostia.” [by the way, that doesn’t mean “Like not you streets, I am going to give a wafer to you.”]