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Friday, May 26, 2006

Whiskey Robber "light"

The real Whiskey Robber is a kickass modern day folk hero in Hungary – known for his lovin and cheatin, his ability to evade the cops, and his penchant for Johnny Walker Red Label.

But this guy, José G.P. of Badalona, might very well be responsible for my numerous hangovers these past few weeks.

A sting operation has just uncovered José’s whiskey bootlegging empire (20 minutes via Barcelonareporter):

The accused, José G.P., a resident of Badalona, was able to attain the original materials thanks to his contacts in local bars and clubs, who sold him empty bottles with the original seals and containers. The man also bought bottles of low quality whiskey, distilled water and alcohol in supermarkets and was subsequently able to produce a mix similar to the original whiskey product.

I myself have bought bootleg absinthe back in my days of (heavier) dissipation. I suffered the inevitable consequences the morning after a not-very-hallucinogenic night. I had no inspiration; had no momentos dalinianos; I didn't talk to Hemingway or the lovely Lady Brett Ashley; I didn't see cubism. I only nursed my pounding headache the next morning.

Bootlegging is generally not a good thing. In the States we went through terrible years of prohibition which gave rise to Chicago gang bosses and organized vice. Liquor quality suffered as a result of bootlegging and hangovers increased, no doubt exacerbating the already deplorable effects of the Great Depression.


Despite my lapses of consciousness due to José’s trickery, I have been real busy.

More next week. Until then, most estimados amigos ...