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Thursday, May 11, 2006

The nomenclàtor

This is kind of cool. Very brief histories of every street in Barcelona. Too bad it's a not a little more detailed like "This is the street where so and so got robbed/was filmed/murdered/urinated etc...".

Carrer del Malnom: The Street of the Bad Name

Malnom, Carrer del Descripció: Sembla que substituí l'antic nom del carrer, anomenat "Tifella", perquè es considerava malsonant i ofensiu. (RiC; FiH). Segons Joan Amades, "el seu antic nom era d'en Titella, com ho demostra un document de l'any 1624".

In English, the above basically means that the original name Titella - which means Marionette – sounded bad and was offensive, hence the name change to carrer del Malnom or "Street of the Bad Name". Go figure.

Titella or Marionette, as I undersand it, is a disparaging term if applied to someone in Catalan.


"Hey, Pepe, you’re marionette."
"Why you ..."

Calling someone a Titella is the equivalent of saying "you’re a copycat/follower" or something like that.