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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Un aforismo Macho Ibérico

Sitting at the zinc counter of a smoky, fluorescent-lit dive bar in Eixample dreta, watching the FC Barcelona/Benfica match. Off to my right, puro-smoking macho ibéricos knock back cognacs and muse on life during a lull in the game. One says:

"They say when you marry you only eat rice, but when you separate, you eat paella."

"Dicen que cuando te casas sólo comes arroz, pero cuando te separas, comes paella."

Basically it means your wife stops cooking for you and you have to eat in bars, paella being the standard menú fare. You could probably substitute arroz 3 delicias for paella.

If these were macho americanos I guess they would find themselves eating burritos and philly cheese steaks. Macho franceses would eat poulet frites; macho alemáns would eat bratwursts; macho ingleses would eat fish & chips … ah the life of men without women. Dive bars and street vendors await.