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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Off topic …

… but then again I never intended this blog to be solely about Catalonia.

I started writing a monthly column for Barcelonareporter called Stranger than fiction – the title is a truncated version of the old adage "the truth is stranger than fiction", which continues to inspire me somehow, and make me write.

Wordriot is a cool ezine, and they have just published an oldish short story of mine called Slice-of-life-vignette-story. There’s something in there for everybody: dipsomaniacs to nymphomaniacs; disillusioned partners; even would-be womanizers. Oh, it’s got strippers too. [note: the font turns to bold for some reason about a third of the way through the story, I don’t know why. I’ve already mentioned it to the editor.]

Aside from that little outburst, I got a couple random comments.

Just a couple days ago here in Barcelona some pijos with fascistic tendencies burned a homeless woman alive. The worst part of it - aside from the repugnant image of a yuppie kid with a sweater around his neck, some ultra pins and a can of gasoline - is that they laughed about it the whole time.

So when the civil ordnance pushes the homeless people out of the more visible centric neighborhoods, they migrate up to the more expensive neighborhoods and there some sick kid with a superiority complex burns them. It just disgusts me to think what kind of men these kids will grow up to be.

Aside from that, I just read Animal Farm for the first time, online, in a few hours at work. On the down-low of course. This book is amazingly prescient, and should have been required reading when I was in highschool. Orwell, who fought in Catolonia with proto-anarcho syndicalists saw first hand the evil two-sided coin of fascism and communism. Idealists are dangerous because, they, like the rest of us are human, but they have unflinching faith in themselves, and the ends always justify the means. I don’t want to get political, but this tale should be a cautionary one, especially in Spain where the political rifts are deep and righteous finger pointing rampant. Read it here.

Which reminds me of the story about the student in Massachusetts who checked out Mao’s Little Red Book for a paper he was writing and was subsequently visited by the Homeland Security force. I’d recommend he stay away from "trips" with CIA airlines for a while. Read the original story here (originally linked to by boingboing).