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Monday, December 12, 2005

Of men, monkey balls, and whiskey

This is my liberal translation of a joke from Catalan comedian Eugenio.

So a guy walks in bar and orders a whiskey. It’s a fairly classy place with a stride piano player. He gets distracted by the scenery and when he tries to take a swig he realizes a monkey has put its balls in his glass of whiskey.

The man angrily asks the bartender:

- Hey … is this monkey yours? Do you know why he put his balls in my glass of whiskey?

- No, look … the monkey belongs to the piano player so you should ask him.

The man approaches the piano player and asks:

- Hey … do you know why the monkey put his balls in my glass of whiskey?

- Well, hmmmm, I really don’t know, but if you sing it maybe I can play along …

Esto es un tio que entra en un bar y pide un whisky. Total que el tio se despista y cuando se da cuenta ve que hay un mono que ha puesto sus cataplines dentro del vaso de whisky.

El tio cabreado le pregunta al camarero:

- Oiga... este mono es suyo? Sabe por que ha puesto los cataplines dentro mi vaso de whisky?¿?

- No mira... el mono es del pianista, asi que mejor preguntele a el.

El hombre se dirige al pianista que esta tocando en el bar i le pregunta:

- Oiga... usted sabe porque el mono ha puesto los cataplines dentro de mi vaso de whisky?¿?

- Pues mira, esta no la se, pero si me la tararea.....