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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Roundin' up palomas

In the shadow of Francesc Cambo, two men park a white van, get out with a strange boxy contraption, and proceed to scatter bread crumbs. The secret call of the pigeons goes out, and thousands upon thousands of the peckerheads descend upon this island on via Laietana, in central Barcelona. In mid-pecking frenzy one of the men toggles a switch on the boxy contaption and the noontime daze is punctured by a dry explosion. A net - large enough to ensnare a Volkswagen Beetle- shoots forth and captures the pigeons. A lone white pigeon escapes, however.

One thing's for sure: these pigeons aren't going up for adoption.

File under:

Joan Clos Van Damme's crackdown


Mad pigeons and the climate of hysteria