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Saturday, February 18, 2006

La Maria no t’estima

… which means “Maria doesn’t love you", in Catalan. These posters are all over Barcelona:

Oh really? Maria doesn’t love me? I guess I know a different Maria.

This must be part of Jon Clos’s new civic ordnance campaign. The website is hilarious. It opens up with a crappy Flash animation that I suppose looks vaguely “trippy”. As in plaza del trippy. Then we’re introduced to an anthropomorphized Maria:

“Hi, I’m Maria. [It’s nice she introduced herself so politely! Most pot smokers forget to do that] I’ll be your guide on this website. I’m bad… and I don’t love you. And now, if you want, I’ll explain to you why.”

My conclusion, after surfing the website, is that Maria doesn’t love you only if you’re Catalan. And she really needs a little sol and playa.

But, I gotta say, these guys are about 70 years behind the times. The classic, ladies and gentlemen, Reefer Madness.