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Thursday, December 01, 2005

All I wanted was Torrente 3 …

… and what I got was Private's "Big Member" Here's the story. I'm doing a little research (really) on macho Iberico/kitsch phenomena and I figured what better example than Torrente, that overweight Spanish cop unwittingly emulated by about 86% of the young male Iberian population.

So, for the last few weeks I've been searching on a P2P engine for a legit bittorrent but most of them have come up with warning flags saying: invalid, corrupt, etc.

Nevertheless, among about 20 choices, I thought I finally found the legit file.

Two days later, much to my surprise, when I open "Torrente 3" instead of a greasy wannabe cop spouting one liners it’s these Hungarian porn starlets spouting badly dubbed English. Instead of "Ei ei chinita" it was "yah yah right THERE!".

What induces people to sneak porn onto a "normal" movie file?

I mean, it's a process to rip a DVD, compress the file into DIVX or something similar, than look for a movie title (I don't know, pick your choice: Chicken Little, Batman …), change the name, and link it to the torrent.

The same thing happened to me when I tried to download The Lord of the Rings. I got something approximating the fantastical look of the Lord of the Rings, but the sword fights were of a different sort.

Why would you want to hijack a movie with CoolXXX Babes part 23 or the adventures of Buttman?

I wonder ...

Am I a target audience for these cyber pranksters?

What is actually the better movie: Torrente or Big Member?

Is this castigation for "sharing" files on the internet?

Is hijacking with porn a benevolent or subversive act?


I'm actively looking for a "top manta" with DVD rips. But, now that I'm looking, I haven't seen a one in three days. I haven't even been accosted by those shady guys and gals whipping out folders full of the latest Hollywood blockbusters and Michael Buble CDs.

So, amiguetes, anyone want a porn movie? And, can anyone point me to a good "top manta"?