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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Temps de Video

There's little exhibition at la Caixa forum in Montjuic that's well worth checking out. And the best part is it's free until January 8.

Time is plastic in video. It can be slowed down, chopped up, and juxtaposed in countless ways. No wonder it has been embraced by some of the most emblematic artists of the last forty years.

Temps de Video (Times of Video), the current exhibition at the La Caixa Foundation, is composed of about 30 installations and viewing areas from the Pompidou Center's New Media Collection - each of which have helped promote video as an artform and method for serious social criticism.

This versatile and omnipresent medium has been around since the sixties, when it was primarily used to document live performances and news. As early as the seventies, with pioneering works by artists such as Nam Jun Paik, its use had grown beyond strictly utilitarian confines to the abstract realms of aesthetics, criticism and experimental documentary.


For more info on participants and times read the rest of my article on barcelonareporter.com