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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

German guiri shows Spaniards how to party

Yesterday a drunk German tourist jumped from a boat en route Mallorca to Barcelona. (For those of you unfamiliar with Catatonia or the Balearic isles, Mallorca is basically a German colony … all the Spaniards I know tell me to avoid it at all costs)

From El Periodico:

El joven que tuvo que ser rescatado del mar se lanzó completamente borracho y tras despojarse de toda su ropa. Según algunos testigos, se tiró por una apuesta con un amigo. Ya en el agua continuó su particular fiesta, ya que, según otro pasajero, se pasó los cerca de 30 minutos que se emplearon en devolverle a la embarcación chillando y levantando las manos: "Estaba de cachondeo".

The youth, who had to be rescued from the sea, was totally drunk when he jumped overboard after stripping all his clothes off. According to some witnesses, he jumped after a bet with a friend. Once in the water, he continued with his particular celebration, since, according to another passenger, during the 30 minutes that were spent returning him to the boat he was screaming and waving his hands: "He treated the whole thing as a joke".

Though he was rescued, another passenger reported seeing another passenger go overboard. The Coast Guard spent the last 24 hours searching the Balearic waters, until it was confirmed that all the passengers in the ferry were accounted for. The ferry line and the passengers are considering denouncing the German tourist for a 4 hour delay in what was already an 8 hour ferry ride.